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Do you own a Time Machine? How has it worked out for you? I have heard it doesn't have the best shelf life and am a little worried about overly relying on it.
I guess that's a YMMV thing. The customer I was at yesterday has TC backups from over 3 years ago on their 5 or so machines, all backing up to the same TC. They also use it as their main router/wireless.

I have another that has TM backups on a local drive from 5 years ago. Yet I do have an occasional one that TM or TC gets stupid on and it has to be erased and start over, not often but it does happen. There are possible fixes for corruption from what I've read but it's easier and quicker to just to start over. I've never had anyone with a corrupt backup that has felt the need to keep the old backups, they just want a current backup.