Iím forced to advise a Windows-based client of mine who is computer illiterate (weíre talking caps-lock messages and not knowing what a web browser is) and needs to start using email more for her home business. A good candidate for Mac, but right now thatís not happening.

She uses her web host's webmail now and itís a huge problem. So she needs an app with basic IMAP email functions including attachments. Nothing fancy. She needs something that is easily supportedónot by me, but by any Geek Squad equivalent she brings in on a given week. (So, no random open source solutions.)

Two vital features:

1. Spell check

2. Being able to have two IMAP accounts and look at them separately (not intermingled) without ever re-entering the passwords after the first time.

Since ease-of-use is more important than feature bloat, I tend to recommend Windows Live Mail... which Iíve never seen in my life. (I assume it can do both of those things?)

She already owns Office, though, so hereís the question: Is there any reason I should steer her towards Outlook instead?

Thanks in advance!

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