I run VPC with windows XP, before that I ran ME, and that was hell to say the least. . XP has been fine for me, except I had to re-install once because the system became corrupt. Also, I cant stand all the little messages that pop up all the time. The one that irritates me the most is "Your low on disk space, you should have at least 200mb free" that pops up every time I turn it on. Well since I can expand the drive when I need more space I don't see the need to take up my Mac HD space for unused XP space. I am sure there is some way to turn all that junk off, but I am too lazy to go hunting around the XP settings.<br><br>Another annoyance is the fact that at least once a week I get a "new security update available" so the XP system just keeps on getting bigger by the week. You think they could release a OS that doesn’t have 9286 bugs in it, all requiring there own service packs. Gotta love MS. <br><br>Ryan