I got one of the bad lightening cables with my phone. It quit charging last night and it seems I am not the only one this has happened to. There is a lot of internet activity about the bad cables. There aren't any cables or adapters in the city to be had so the nice young lady at AT&T called Apple for me and they can't get one to me for 7 days. I went postal on the Apple rep and let him know that I wasn't happy with their service and I asked if the map software team had helped design the cables. grin. He said I could get one quicker by going to my local Apple store. I told him the closest Apple store was 200 miles away and I thought a better idea was for Apple to have the accessories available when they released a new product and to make sure the accessories actually worked. I got a loaner cable from the nice young lady at AT&T so I can use my phone while I wait on Apple.

Common sense and deodorant are a lot alike. People who need it the most don't use it.