I stepped on my 2011 MBA one night and cracked the screen. I ordered a new one from china and when it arrived, I installed it. I've done this sort of things lots of times and it went off without a hitch.
But now, the laptop won't turn on with the lcd cable connected. The fans spin up but the chime gets cut off mid-chime and the fans stop.
When the lcd cable is unplugged, it boots up fine.
Two things I noticed when installing:
It was very difficult to plug the lcd cable into its socket on the logic board. ( i checked it against my old screen's cable and the two were identical as far as I could tell)
Also, the airport cables were either too long or too short to properly route the cable as it should be routed.

So, my question, if anyone can tell me. Did I get a bad screen? Or did I get the wrong screen?

Any help, greatly appreciated.