Have been using a Logitech solar wireless keyboard since the beginning of the year, but it never quite matched the solid feel of the aluminum Apple keyboard, and you do lose a wee bit of functionality if you're not tethered. So I just got a new Apple model B wired extended keyboard from Amazon (this one has USB 2.0 ports and was tweaked for Leopard's new-at-that-time features).

But the display brightness keys do not seem to work. I've toggled the function key settings in the Keyboard pref panel even reset the PRAM (which is a published remedy), but still no joy. BTW, I disabled the Logitech utility and have tried the cord in different USB ports on the back of the Mini. And the "Change Keyboard" process goes nowhere.

There's some indication that this function may not work with all 3rd party keyboards, but there's no consensus on that matter. So has anyone else experienced this? It's not like I ever change the display brightness, but if this may be a defective keyboard, I'll have Amazon exchange it.

TIA for any feedback.