Wow! Sorry to hear that, kiddo. I've had nothing but joy from HP printers for nigh on five years now. Not just from the hardware, but from the CSRs, too. If you've been lurking, you might have seen my recent thread a/b my considered return to Epson for a wide format machine only to learn that they're still up to their half-assed disclosure tricks.

Anywho, I can tell you what I've learned from some cursory research over the past year or so:

Already spoken for HP, but Canon, so-so color and the highest ink/toner cost of all; Brother, excellent B&W lasers, mediocre color laser (but lowest cost carts), crappy color and more head clogging than Epson with their ink jets; Lexmark, mediocre output, mediocre reliability, ink/toner on par with HP prices.

Hope that helps some. BTW, which HP model is giving you such ageda? Inkjet or laser?

Mine? HP CP2025 auto-duplexing color laser, and HP 7000 wide format inkjet.