An article on CNN about the apple Maps

I was out in my rural area checking it yesterday. It worked fine except when I accidentally put in wrong settings. The settings re not as handy as Googles, but I do like the directions it gives.

I do wish it would give options to always have North point up instead of having the cars direction being up. There is no indication on the screen at to direction I'm driving. This on my iPad.

Some places are off, but, google had quite a few wrong also. Even my Garmin gets things wrong. I always laugh t my Garmin, in that they show the "town" of Basset on the map ner my town of Iola. Basset hasn't been a significant settlement for 100 years. Now it's a tiny ward of about 20 citizens which has been enclosed within Iola.

I think Apple will get it going better.
As for the detail of the maps, in my area it's muh improved. As with Google it was just a blurr.

My location is much better also, with Googke it might be any where within a block f my actual location. Now it picks up where I'm at in my house. Scary

I like how it works with .SIRI. Yesterday I spoke "route me home" and it opened up maps whith the route.

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