I do not know if this is the right place for this topic, but if it is not good please tell me the correct location in your reply ..

I am looking for 4 months and no sound drivers does not work, if you could help me or tell me what to do I would appreciate it.

I have a computer Imac 5.1 Mac Napa family, with a mother-MAC Version F42786A9 DVT, intel Core 2 CPU T7200 2 GHz.

I am running Windows Seven Ultimate 32-bit edition, with BootCamp 4.0

BIOS Version IM51.88Z.0090.B09.0706270921

Chipset Controller Intel's High Definition Audio Bus 00 Device 27 PCI SigmaTel STAC9221 HD Audio Codec

Current Driver: High Definition Audio Device Microsoft brand
Device id: HDAUDIO \ FUNC_01 & VEN_8384 & DEV_7680 & REV_1034 & SUBSYS_106B1600 \ 4 & 2ACA5D36 & 0 & 0001

I have already tried various drivers I put them in pieces attached:
Intel Chipset v8.3.0.1010-
MacBook CirrusAudioXP-
CS4207-Win7Vista (CirrusAPOx86.dll)
SDC-Intel (EL 6224 V189 Intel 6370V 6XP SDC WHQL)
SigmaTel Hp-

RealTek AC'97 drivers, High Definition Audio diferrentes versions and the Cirrus Logic and IDT some even walking none are improperly installed with error code 31 or 200.

Drivers under my BootCamp 4.0 in Mac OS partion are also found in the tree structure / content / drivers /.

if you could answer me seriously and speed I'd be delighted.

Thank you.