My Bluetooth mighty mouse died. I guess. This is the oval one but Bluetooth. Came with my iMac I got back in 2008. I liked it. And with an occasional spritz wit canned air it has worked well for me

But a couple weeks ago it just stopped tracking. Replaced batteries but to no avail.

But four years with one mouse is not bad so was looking to replace it but I can't find it in apples online store. They only have the corded mouse and the Indy car looking, Magic Mouse. Reading the reviews, there are many who are having erratic tracking issues with the Magic Mouse and I don't want to be bothered with the cord.

But I liked the shape of the mighty mouse

Oh, I have an old LogiTeck cordless mouse( one with that dongle ) and really prefer the mighty mouse


Is there really that erratic issue with the new mouse. I still am in in snow leopard but plan to jump to mountain lion sometime.


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