The Save As issue, I'll agree with you, is a steaming pile of sht and should be reverted back to the way it has always been - but that has little to do with iOS.

Resolution switching via the menubar was a nice touch, but for 99.999% of users, they probably never used it. Again, nothing to do with iOS.

I don't disagree with you that many of the new features in OS X are meant for amateurs or consumers less tech savvy. But that's the market Apple is in, and has been since the release of the original iMac. I don't see it as a merging of iOS into OS X, just an evolution of the existing Mac OS to be more consumer-friendly.

For those of us who do like more control, we know how to find hacks and add-on apps that will do what we want. I know it's an extra step for us, but we have the knowledge to take that step.
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