I just don't see the problem.

I quote myself:
it should be an option, not a requirement.

Well, I can't Save As as I used to be able to (at least with Apple apps, which usually wouldn't be a problem, except ... Keynote; And at this point only Apple apps, because thankfully everyone else has avoided adopting this convention like the plague). Oddly, I cant switch resolutions from the menu bar like I used to, for instance. I have to actively disable all the social media crap that I don't really need. More stuff to actively turn off when I'm running a show (Notifications; yay!) So, yeah, stuff that's not "better" and is actually a problem in some cases ...

If the point is to evolve the OS into something that hand-holds everyone, that's fine. I would just like there to be an option to "revert" to the functions that were actually useful in previous iterations. I'm not sure I really see the zero-sum attitude of Apple software development right now.