Good for you David! smile

What do I want in an iMac performance?

To be able to use EyeTV, read the news and forums, play Mah Jong, Solitaire, do jigsaw puzzles, read email, do things with my photos, manage my iPhone/iPad, and ??

The older I get, the more my needs narrow. Forgive me if I ramble now. Monday is Ruski's birthday. We've had no news of her for quite some time. I wish someone would clue us in to her status. Pirate and I have a birthday Friday. I'm not in to celebrations any more. Just glad to hang around for another year. I get excited with all the new technology, still. But for me, I think it just gets so confusing and bowls me over that I just settle for what I have, as long as it works. wink

This to me is exciting: I've been digging out laurel tree roots in my side yard. Kind of like teeth extraction, ha. I love digging in the dirt and feel like it is playing in a sand box. But today my right hand is swollen and painful. Looks like I have a boxing glove on. I'll be back at that area soon and will plant more Oregon Grape there. Making a hedge line of sorts to block out a view of side yard.

Get ready Texas! Here comes Dr. David!!

/end forum hyjack