I don't *think* I caused this entirely new prob, apparently our isp had some weather related issues over the last few days, and the long and the short is I've completely lost contact with my AirPort base station.
I tried messing with the network settings. At some point, the AirPort utility main window appearance changed, with the solid line from Internet to my base station (Beeville) changing from solid to dotted, both Internet and Beeville had amber dots, but everything was working fine.
I investigated and found that I had switched networks from our current working one to another I'd configured way back when but never used.
So I bravely thought I should switch back to the "correct" network, but things went south at that point. I got only one option for "Beeville" which was clicking a "Forget" button. I thought I would just configure everything from scratch.
But clicking "forget" turned out to be a mistake, and now I cannot seem to get my computer to even see the base station. Period.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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