I kind of "get" removing font control. As fonts on the web are now a reality, Apple is actually doing website owners and users a favor.

You can still add a simple stylesheet to switch the font to whatever you want - it's just a bit more of a pain for average consumers. But those are exactly the people who will benefit from websites which use specific fonts such as this wonderful site I know of wink

What I DON'T get is why Apple removed all support for RSS. It's nowhere near as popular as it was a few years ago, it's still widely used. Forcing users to add an RSS extension to Safari just to subscribe to an RSS feed is annoying.

As for Reminders and Calendar... I'm finding that I actually like them split. I have an iPhone, so I'm used to them being separate. But even without the iPhone, I never liked the way Notes were found in Mail, reminders and calendar items were buried in iCal - out of sight, out of mind. The new versions of Notes and Reminders are tiny apps that you can keep open in the corner of your screen if you want.
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