My understanding was that if you wanted to keep your .mac address you had to install Lion and sign up for iCloud. I did both on my iMac and the transition was smooth with my .mac account updating in Mail automatically. I read that you could also sign up for iCloud running 10.6.8 (that's installed on my seldom used iBook) so I did it.

Now the problem.

My .mac Mail account on my iBook did not update and will not download any mail addressed to .mac. I can send mail but not download it. I hadn't used Mail on that computer since last December and those were how the last incoming mails (to .mac) were dated.
I have a gmail and yahoo account that work fine in Mail. I tried to set up a new .mac account in Mail (using the same info shown in my .mac account on my iMac ) on the iBook but it wouldn't let me (stating that an account with that name already exists).
So. How do I get my .mac account in Mail to work again? I don't want to have to go the "cloud" to see my mail!

And, for what it's worth, I use no other hardware. No smart phone or iPad. No iOS appliances.
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