Now, if Apple wants to buy Adobe and MS, and make it all iApps, that would be just da bomb!


After the whole "Save As" debacle, I'm not sure that would be such a great thing. The two reasons I dipped my toe into Mountain Lion were that a) You tried it and said it hadn't broken anything ;-) and, b) iApps were supposed to get Save As back -- it's really been a huge problem working with Keynote ...

Alas, no Save As that I can see (at least, it certainly isn't a menu item), and Cmd + Shift + S = "duplicate," unlike pretty much every other app out there (way to "think different" Apple) ...

So anyways, since I could not care less about notifications, integrated social links, documents in the cloud, etc., there doesn't seem to be much compelling me to switch over to the new OS on my other machines. But at least you're right that it hasn't really broken anything so far, so they at least got the "do no harm" part a bit more right than last time ;-)

I actually wonder where Apple wants to end-up with its OS X strategy -- seems more and more they want their Macs to be just iPads on a desk, which is kind of depressing =P