So I had some water leak onto my computer while it was closed and I didn't really realize that immediately, I think it barely had any charge so I don't even know if it would have worked afterwards but I plugged my charger the next day and it lit up for a split second and then the light went off. Now when I plug in my charger for some reason one of the green lights that indicate the charge of my computer turn on but that's it, not the charger itself.
I was told at a repair shop that it would cost $89 to look at it so I opened it up myself and it looks like my motherboard is totally fried. I'm not an expert on computers though so I figured I'd get some feedback here on whether there is any hope in the state that my computer is in. Should I bother getting it fixed? It's no longer under warranty, I got it in 2009.

It looks pretty bad I know =|

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