The same thing happened over at directv last year when they were going to drop FX and other fox channels, and at the last second they reached an agreement...they say...I think it is just a ploy to raise rates...when you loose the channels you signed up for do they give you a of the reasons I signed up for directv was because they had some channels I liked....then they are taken one ask me if I minded.....same with dish, bet there is no refund program in place because of the loss of some programs..I understand it is not only amc that is gone but all of the Viacom channels...mtv, spike, and others

where I live now we are on cable....still get all of my favorites. but the cable company has changed owners on average once every 10 months or so...the new owner added some channels we were not getting, tcm being thats good but what the cable company giveith, the cable co. takeith when ever they please

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