I am plagued with two concurrent serious problems which may or may not be related. If they are, I don't know how. And I have no idea how to correct them. I'm running Lion an an Intel Mac.

1. FF 13. For more than a year I've been happily chugging along with FF 11. Until yesterday when FF decided my system needed upgrading and automatically installed FF 13. The problem is, the upgrade deleted my bookmarks and more than a half dozen toolbars which contain links I've been years in building. I tried restoring FF 11 from TimeMachine. It loads and About shows it is FF 11. However, my bookmarks and toolbars are still missing. I tried deleting FF entirely and creating a new profile. No help. I'm totally bewildered and don't know which way to turn since FF has no support system that I can find. I uncovered an 800 number that is supposed to help but it connected to a guy in India who wanted $189 to "fix" the problem. Guess what I told him. I'm wide open to suggestions. Ironically, FF 11 is still running uninterrupted on my MacBook Pro but I don't know how to move it over.

2. If FF wasn't enough of a problem, I'm bit hit with a double whammy from iBank. When I switched from PC to Mac several years ago Quicken did not have a Mac compatible feature. So I started using iBan. Then when I bought a new desktop running Lion (rather than Snow Leopard) iBank said that was no problem; that iBank 3 was Lion compatible. It was until about five days ago when i was unable to open iBank and got an error message saying my OS was not compatible. I contacted iBank support and after about three days I got a response saying that sometimes happens and I should re-install iBank. I did. It opens. But all my data is missing, apparently off in the ether. I tried restoring from an earlier copy of iBank on TimeMachine. Still no data. I'v been frantically emailing iBank's alleged tech support but no answer.

WTF is happening? Is this just coincidence or could there be something in my system. All my other programs, including Safari, seem to be operating normally.

Any thoughts?