In the news is the buzz about the magazine, seventeen, altering images to present unnatural beauty. A 14 year old reader distributed a petition with some 80,000 signatures wantin more natural images of young girs in the magazine.

While I can appreciate the young girls position, some manipulating the image should occure in most images.

The point of my post, here, is to concurr with some of the comments to the linked piece. The comments that would like to see realistic images portrayed in ads and commercials. Like the images of hamburgers, on the signs at fast food joints. Here in our town the worst is A&W, McDonalds, etc. the burgers one gets, are nothing that resembles that in the sign menus.

I have been sorely tempted to get out of my car in the drive through, go into the joint and demand to get a burger that looks like the one advertised, instead of the one slapped together.

Invariably , the sign adverttizes the Pappy Burger, with the meat well ousde the bun, three or so thick sices of tomato showing, along with abundant onions, lettuce an cheese shown melting, outside the bun. When the item received, has a much thinner and smaller, meat, one see through slice of tomato somewhere on the burger with a thin ring of onion instead of the full slice. With a small strip of lettuce.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time