Two things are bugging me about Preview in Lion:

i) When I close a document, Preview "quits" after a few seconds - but actually it doesn't. It disappears from the Dock, but if I deleted the doc I was looking at, and then try to empty the trash, it says the file is in use. Preview is still running a process, and I have to either force-empty the trash (I'm always forgetting the key combo to do that), or relaunch and quit Preview manually (or stop the process in Terminal or Activity Monitor). I'd prefer the historic mac behaviour of not quitting (or pseudo-quitting in this case) until I say so - or at least that if Preview says it's quit from the Dock, it really quits.

ii) Preview defaults to continuous scroll view for every new doc it opens. You can reset this to single/double page in the View menu, but it works on a per-doc basis. It remembers what you chose for each doc you re-open, but there's no way to fix (or script, since Preview is unscriptable) Preview to automatically default to, say, single page view. I've had to resort to iKey to set up a key combo for this.
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