Saw the first episode of The Newsroom.

Some of my observations:

First). The beginning segment, shwn in ths thread on the clip. Daniels character list of reasons why The US is not the best country in the world. Then he gives a second list of ways that it used to be better but now isn't.

Well, the second lst is not relevant to the first. And furthermore, the US hasn't changed that much mentioned in the second. We still have those "lost" attributes in lots of areas.

Second). I thought the conversation that Daniels and Mortimer had in his office was way to long. I kept thing " let's get on with it, but they just kept prattling on"

Third). Is this series going to have an "agenda" each episode, where the producers stick in their personal political views? Are we going to be subjected to various diatribes Of hot topics. If so they have lost me as a viewer.

Also on this third aspect, Daniels character exhibits traits that I hate in a news anchor. He asks questions, but interrupts the answers, often interjecting his own feelings into the "news" . He is like a mixture of Nancy Grace and Keith Obermann.

Or do I have the concept of the series all wrong. Is this series just a platform for HBO to stick in their positions on the worlds events. Is The story line, between characters there just for filler. If so why don't they just have a psuedo news show, where they bring up their stuff. They mostly do that already in Bill Maher.

Just my take.

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