I have been waiting forever for a new MP to come out.. with TB and USB 3 and better this and goody that and yum yum and maybe even a new look/design/form factor.
TB so I can finally break down and buy a new expensive display.

So they release this tepid, half ass "new" model using parts that are 2-3 years old... no USB 3 or TB.



So then there's this...hmmph! Small comfort.


I know a lot of people have iMacs and I did buy one last year, a 27". But the graphics in it lags. The graphics lag behind my MP graphic card which is 3 years old (at least).
Running my capture software last Sat shooting a model shoot I started getting lag. Afterwards while the client and i were making our picks... the previews wouldn't refresh and were sluggish to the point of dragging down the whole app.
I took the shoot home on a drive and it ran smooth as silk on my 3 yr old MP.

What to do... what to do......