cmd shift option delete doesn't work, so if that's loading right it's not even accessing the HD.

If you can't take the computer back at this point I'd consider disconnecting the HD. It's a bit of a pain though. Removing the front bezel is a trick. There are videos on youtube.

I do it without their removal "tool" by pulling open the bottom a ways and getting up into the top with a thin long screwdriver to loosen the latches on the corners.

Then you can peel back the black paper cover over the logic board and get to the HD connector on the logic board without having to pull the screen off.

I guess there's an outside chance it's the Power Supply.

If you decide to go that way let me know, we can probably direct you to a take apart if you can't find one. You definitely have a hardware problem, and if it's not the HD or PS, it's probably really not worth fixing.