20' imac core duo. I was reinstalling OS and files using Firewire and a 17" imac. 1/2 way through I aborted and it said "if you stop now you may not be able to restart your computer" I took no notice and pressed 'Stop". Now every time I start the computer I get " you need to restart your computer......".
I have tried booting from external DVD, another computer, reseting PRAM, SAFE start but no luck. I do not know if it software or hardware problem. I phoned Apple but they just went through what I had already tried so they advised me to take it to a Mac shop. Trouble is nearest is 3 hours away.
When I start the message KP comes up after about 20 seconds but trying to boot from a USB drive you can see it accessing the DVD and it takes about 2 minutes for the KP to appear.
Can anyone help?