I use Network Solutions, you get what you pay for sometimes. I have also found NS to have the best spam filters. I have a dozen email addys from my domain I use for various purposes, info, billing, etc, for 15 years. I used to get all sorts of spam. I can count on one hand the spam I have received in the last month from all of them. steveg can vouch for the same. He switched recently and is very pleased. NS was the first registrar so they have it down pretty well.

When you host with NS they give the yearly registration free.

GoDaddy is a bit cheaper, reliable, and easy to work with, but the spam filters aren't near as good.

Make sure whoever you get offers phone support, many don't, email only which can be a pain if it's mission critical or an extensive problem. Dreamhost is one with no phone support.

From whois I noticed that the domain you're working with has its transfer status as locked. You're going to have to get in touch with them to unlock it to transfer to another registrar. Usually you get a secret code from them, Lycos in this case, to give to the new registrar so they can transfer it. It takes a few days to transfer when its locked, so plan ahead. You may be able to just get it unlocked too, but again that takes a few days.

One important note. DO NOT make any changes to the whois contact info, addresses, phone, etc or they make you wait 60 days before you can transfer. It's internet rules, not Lycos BTW.

Again, remember, you get what you pay for. Trying to save $60 a year or so for a business website doesn't seem logical to me. If it's making you money $60 is nothing.

If you go to NS let me know, we both get a little kickback BTW I think.