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I'm at a loss, as I am not seeing the same thing.

Can you post here the URLs that you are at when doing the search? everything I'm seeing is without http
Go here http://www.mactech.com/

In the Search box, pic below, in the "MacTech Search:" field, type "ipad battery life" using quotes. I get three hits, the third has https.

(Also as an aside I just noticed the clickable question mark goes nowhere. Clicking it just changes the url from http://www.mactech.com/ to http://www.mactech.com/#)

Then go here http://forums.applecentral.com/ and type "ipad battery life" into the "MacTech Only Search:" field, pic below. (Note that this Search box is slightly different from the main site box in the pic above, the word Only is added and there is no question mark.)

8 pages of mainly arstechnica links, no MacTech results, no http or https.

And actually pages 6 7 8 go to page 5, there really is no pages 6 7 or 8.

Hope I made it clearer in this one.