I'm having this issue at work with the new FAST connection. I had a setting in my network prefs that enabled me to get around this problem ..( I had it before, months ago) and now I accidentally erased that setting while on location with my iMac, the dreaded "pages won't load" problem is back, uglier than ever. The IT guy came by and blames it on everything... bad Ethernet port (ruled out), Safari (ruled out with Firefox, hangs less, but still hangs), DNS ( I changed to Googles and out), tried Wifi( ok) and so on. The pages will just hang. The other day I must have got 30+ Page won't load errors. F'n frustrating when you have a connection that's faster than snot.
Ebay is notorious for not loading.. even CNN.
I come home and it's all fine... with the same versions Safari 5.1.5 and OS X 10.6.8.