Done, done and done. And really happy we pulled the trigger. I'm impressed with ~

1) Speed

2) Intuitive attitude

3) Those small but very cool extras

4) Overall Experience = Very, Very Smooth

Went Pro for Pack Rat. Just wanted to thank you again. I mentioned TxDOT earlier ~ Used to be, all our projects were due on somebody's desk as hard copies. Two hard copies. Our stuff runs over 300 pages, fkn' average. I spent a small fkn' fortune on FedX, ink and paper. Then they went DBox, probably 4 years ago? It literally changed my professional life. I "drop" a PDF in the proj manager's box and we're good to bill. We still have to turn in 2 CDs of the finals, but duh . . .

OK, sorry. TMI. But I'm that pumped. Oh, did I mention? LIttle Sister got it in like less than 5 laugh That alone is a premium recommendation.

Thanks again, JIm. Your info made my decision ultra easier.

I always deserve it. Really.