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I want Little Sister and I to use the same DBox. With MMe, I logged in with her username/PWord, we essentially shared it all. Can she just download DBox to her Mac, activate it with my (already set) username/PWord and then she's in and out at will?
That's exactly how it works. If she installs the DropBox app and uses the same log in info as you it will put a DropBox folder on her computer with all of the content that is in yours. DropBox is set to launch when the computer starts, that is the default and can be changed in DropBox preferences. I have mine on my desktop for easy access. DropBox by default puts it into your user's folder, but you can move it to where you want using the Advanced settings in DropBox preferences. It puts an icon in the menu bar as you probably know to access the website, Preferences, and other cool and groovy stuff.

Windows or Mac BTW.

I have clients that use the same log in info for multiple employee computers, this enables them to all have one shared folder automatically syncing on multiple computers. Changes appear almost instantly across devices and computers.

It works much faster than MM's idisk snail of a joke ever did. It's also accessible from your iPhone with the DropBox app. Certain docs like txt, rtf, MS Word or Excel files, jpg, png (screen shots), tiff, pdf, can be viewed natively on the iPhone. I use it if I need to make notes for a call for the day for example. I just make a quick Text Edit doc and drag it to the folder.

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