So, I said I got together with other foreign residents who had been going to the same forum about radiation in Japan/Tokyo for about a year.

I learned/confirmed some things that I feel are pretty conclusive:

There has not been enough heat left over for months and months in any of the reactors to cause a recriticality or more hydrogen explosions. Any info to the contrary is suspect.

The spent nuclear rod pool (open air!) is the biggest concern, but it can only heat up very slowly if the pool emptied out or became low for whatever reason, and even if an earthquake caused it to collapse, only the very local area would be affected, as there is no mechanism for the cesium and other goodies to travel distances (such as explosions and burning).

Also, I asked another expert there about the higher levels where I go to work which are somewhere around 5-6 times higher than much of the rest of Tokyo. He said most of the cesium has settled and become largely inert. You don't really get exposure through the skin at such levels, it's largely inhaled, and there isn't much left to inhale. Should be fine. Still wouldn't move the fam up there, which was the original plan, but it's nice to know it's safe.
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