Hi Guys, merely trying to rip a dvd using Handbrake. The how to and help guides are not much help and I don't quite understand the suggested setting tips.

Been searching the web for hours, simply to find out what is the best or correct 'Video Quality' to use to make a dvd that will play in a dvd player and look fine on Apple TV2?

So, my first attempt at ripping a 10min film, using Handbrake, set at Video Codec H.264, FPS same as source, 2-pass encoding, RF 32. It is taking 2 hours! When I read it should be minutes. What on earth am I doing wrong here?

Please help, going out of my mind. There must be a simpler, faster way to use Handbrake correctly to create decent quality dvds for watching on tv? I've already used searching for answers on the web without success.

Any ideas?
thanks in advance.