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Isn't that a different arrow? I'm pretty sure it's for media playback. And the iPhone itsself is getting pretty warm. I had to take the case off
That's right, it's media playback.

Follow these instructions to calibrate the battery and see how that goes.

Running it down till it shuts off then recharging it to 100% helps to calibrate the little computer chip in the battery so you know better exactly how much battery life is left.

Apple recommends doing it once a month, also any time you charge it letting it sit in the 100% charged state for at least 20 minutes or so will give you more battery run time. It does a trickle charge sort of thing at the end.

BTW when you run it down till it shuts itself off it takes a few minutes, 5 or so, to turn itself back on. The battery needs to get to a certain charge level before it will reboot.