When I left the house to go to school this morning the battery was at 94%. When I got off of the bus and into school it was at 72%. This is through a half hour bits ride with nothing being done on the iPhone but listening to music.

Its also getting really warm, so I decided to turn of location services before I left to see if it would help. It didn't, so before class started I turne on airplane mode. The battery stayed at 72% for the remainder of te school day.

When I got on the bus at 3:10 I turned off airplane mode. I took this picture 15 minutes later to show how much the battery dropped.

(I was listening to Garbage's new single hehe)

And I took this picture after I got into the house

And I just took this picture.

What could be going on?
"I'm a little bit more unusual so I've always considered myself the black sheep." - Ann Wilson