Okay guys. This recharging topic. I know I've read that one should let a phone or pad completely run down to empty, but I've always recharged my stuff when it was just below 70 percent or every night, if the mood was right.

So, I tried running my new iPad 3 <-- smile down to zero. I played all kinds of videos, etc. and did everything but only got to 20% and then when I read emails, some of the graphics wouldn't display, so the health with that, I plugged it in for recharging on a 10 watt Apple charger.

After 2-1/2 hours it is only up to 60%. Way too slow for impatient me. Sometimes I sit here in my chair at the iMac wathing TV and using the iPad in my lap too. wink Sounds a little like I may have a substance problem, doesn't it?

Anyway. If I burn out a battery, I have AppleCarePlus so what the heck.