Imac G5-iSight
Purchased new in 2005
OS 10.4.11

Last week, I put the computer to sleep. The next morning, it was deader than a doornail. No pulsing circle white light. Nothing. Nada.
I tried zapping the pram, changing wall outlets (using a power strip) & tried turning power strip on & off. Nothing would resurrect the comp. I tested other things in the same power strip & they worked just fine. Therefore, I thought the motherboard was the culprit.

At that moment (after trying to resurrect) I decided to just pack the thing up. Hopefully, a newer iMac would come later on in the summer along with Mountain Lion. Would purchase another iMac with ML preinstalled then. I unplugged the computer.

Today (5 days later), I disconnected the printer, external speakers, USB, keyboard, mouse & firewire burner. Took the computer into my bedroom as that is where I kept the original box it came in.
On a hunch, I plugged it up in the bedroom directly into a wall outlet and pressed the comp power button. The damn thing chimed on! Lugged the damn thing back into my den but this time, plugged it up into a different slot on the power strip. Worked like a charm!!!!
Inserted all of my peripherals - still working like a charm!!!!!

The power strip has 6 slots. Can one go bad while the other 5 work? Is it possible that it is now too weak to handle a computer?
Or is the logic board playing tricks on me? Just needed a 5 day vacation unplugged?