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I am STIll on the iPhone getting jerked around. This last guy says it the backup file is still on my iMac and that we just need to sync it some how and he doesn't know how...
sigh. I've heard so many horror stories about their support. The few times I've called just to get an authorization to return something under warranty for someone I've already done all of the troubleshooting steps on that they will tell me to do is an effort in frustration. It's just a matter of getting shuffled as high as fast as I could to get the okie dokie to send it back. Even though I'm prepared I still expect to spend an hour getting my point across. I know it can be frustrating.

Like NG said, the backup files on your computer are gone, that's what delete means, but your "tech" isn't trained to understand Delete. They are still on the TM drive though.

When all else fails with their tech support follow my instructions on restoring from Time Machine. smile

I'll be around tonight.

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