Fantastic news I'm going to write all this without even using the keyboard on my new iPad all you have to do but I forgot to put a period in there all you have to do is use that microphone key on the bottom row.

I have to put

Returns in there with the keyboard because I don't know how to do that have to find out later.

I pushed the microphone key and now I say how now brown cow grazing in the green green grass the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs back.


I push the microphone key. I talked for a while and then push the microphone key again and several like dots will come up and all the words that I have said will type then I have to push the key again and say more words and then push the key and etc.

Give it a try Dave I think it's just the thing for us senior fat fingered citizens I wonder if it can tell if it can spell rather of words like anti-just establishment Arianism. That word was too hard try another when Apple ecological. This is a in the butt . . . There I said this is fun but then I giggled and giggled and it put in the butt.

This is enough playing around with the microphone which I find and asked me what a cute not to mention how clear the text and everything is on the screen later gators.

Screw that sentence up. Doesn't pay to giggle and get silly.