Thanks Sarge. Actually a few days ago, I was reading through the "early" posts in this thread, and I realize how much you knew what you were talking about. The risk from the spent nuclear rods in no. 4 was worse than I realized at the time. The situation was even more precarious than my wracked mind knew and we were truly at the mercy of the weather for at least a few days there.

This thread name is a bit out of date, it is more than possible and there were at least two "melt-through"s.

Greenpeace and other independent organizations have been monitoring food and the rad numbers the gov't etc. seem to have been legit. They are pretty low for areas outside "the radius". Actually a few foods well south in Japan are actually showing up with rads, albeit low, which is making some experts shake their heads. The numbers could still go up again as the cesium seeps into the soil.

The reactors and that spent fuel container seem to be stable. However, we get bigger and stronger tremors these days since the BIG one, so those reactors (and Japans 53 others!) are still ones to watch.
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