so im interning at the local mac store and studying to be certified. They let me take home a quicksilver g4. They were going to throw it away anyways. the first thing I did was put the clear handles and shiny case screws on my old computer and its lookin nice

Next I tried swapping the whole motherboard tray/door but once I drilled out all the rivets I noticed that the quicksilver door wont fit the sawtooth case because it has one more pci slot which means the curve doesnt match the back. I tapped the holes and bought some screws and nuts and put both cases back together. oh well. now the door is detachable for easier access to the motherboard.

I am exploring my options.

A. use the quicksilver cpu on the sawtooth motherboard.
will require desoldering of the ide port and the board isn't as well designed as the quicksilver one for instance: heatsink is half gone to account for the cd drive.

B. modify the old tray/door to match the new motherboard.
some card slots wont be accessible. will have to redo the backplate

c. modify the quicksilver case to accept the old front plate. The only thing that would be quicksilver grey would be the back. clear the back caseparts and paint them with a transparent blue spraypaint I found

back wont match front.

D. just paint the quicksilver case translucent orange and white call it the tangerene quicksilver.

im not sure the translucent orange paint I found will look anywhere near as good as a tangerene imac. Also it wont match the studio display I plan on maybe repairing one of these days.

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