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If I move to iCloud and not upgrade to Lion

Is that even possible? I thought one needed Lion in order to use iCloud =)

I think I could set up iCloud from my work pc and access via any web browser...but not sure how that would affect what would happen on my iMac Mail at home....

If I upgrade to Lion and then move to iCloud how does the "syncing" work? Do all the "mailboxes" for my .me account I set up on my iMac get synced to iCloud?

When you switch over to iCloud, your mail switches over as well -- don't need to do anything in particular with your mailboxes or anything, they just work as they always did. Essentially you're just switching mail servers =)

I have a concern that the syncing and pushing and keeping everything the same would "mess" things up. My iMac Mail is all set up with different "mailbox categories" for organizing, the same .me mail I check via any web browser does not have that all set up. Also, if it was "only" switching mail servers why would I need Lion? I'm just don't want to "lose" all the old emails I have tucked away in "mailboxes" on my iMac with the switch.

If you are saying that you have locally stored mailboxes/folders, they'll simply stay locally stored on your Mac.