Actually, though I have been uncharacteristically quiet, some things have been going on. Two separate scares.

Starting in early January (literally during New Year's) "new" fallout spikes were recorded around Fukushima City, which is pretty near the plant. They kept spiking and dropping. Nobody was sure what the cause was, and experts were spouting that it was no 2 reactor "reigniting" and that TEPCO might be covering it up. TEPCO finally insisted after it went on for too long that it was due to the dry weather allowing already deposited cesium to again get kicked up into the atmosphere. Though it is hard to accept anything TEPCO says at face value, it eventually appeared to be true. Levels continue t spike every few days and go back down again. These "spikes" are high but nothing like the days following March 11th (Japan's 9-11 in some ways). And Tokyo levels have been largely unaffected.

The second scare started Feb 9th-ish, well over a month after the gov't and TEPCO declared "cold shutdowns" at the 3 reactors (a condition I have already posted is actually technically impossible anyway), one thermometer in no. 2 reactor started slowly but steadily rising. TEPCO doubled than tripled water input to little then no effect. As the temperature started to look downright scary TEPCO released the estimate that the thermometer was broken. Did I mention no one takes TEPCO statements at face value? Anyway, two other thermometers relatively near the spiking one stayed stable and indeed were even slowly slowly dropping in temperature as they should be, and no detections of Xenon which is produced in a re-criticality, was detected (according to TEPCO!) so it is looking likely finally that the thermometer is broken. Good thing too, as it is now in the 4 hundreds.

Sometimes I think I need more of a life ala Mr. B's post - but then TEPCO and friends come along and remind me how much I like my life just like it is. smirk
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