It is sad when one has to complain about a complete lack of customer service from an IPad/ iPhone app supplier. I tried for at least a month to download an app. from [deleted] called "[deleted]" app, from iTunes, Appshopper etc. having received an invitation to do so as the price had dropped to $1.99 from $3.99. Impossible. "Your Request could not be Completed". Eventually I wrote to the company, and received...... no response. It seems that it is not available in Canada. Why on earth would they invite me, and many others, to buy a product, through iTunes, Appshopper, App Store etc. and then make it unavailable to them. If they do not wish to sell a product in Canada, then don't promote it to Canadians. Hopefully some one can get them for once to listen to their customers. I couldn't.

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