Well I'm at a crossroads of sorts....

Been using the "family" iMac and the kids hook up their ipods and all is good, at least till now.

We have bought an iPad for my one daughter, but she will probably just "tap" in to the iMac for songs and such.

We are very strongly considering buying an iPhone for my other daughter for Christmas. So I think she would have to set up her own Apple ID. Would she be able to put some songs on her phone from the iMac, or would she have to purchase them again?

Also, will she be able to load pics and files, ect "wirelessly" or will she have to connect to the iMac? Not sure if the iPhone or the iPad for that matter can "see" other devices on the wireless network? I'm still running SnowLeopard on the iMac, not sure if that matters.


And Merry Christmas!!!