The problem with getting rid of unions is that eventually, the company lowers wages to a point that people can't live off the wage - but hey, "we're providing jobs!"

I'll grant you that unions have largely outlived their usefulness. However, if you ask workers in Amazon's warehouse about their work conditions and pay, I think you'll gain a different perspective about unions.

Sure company X could save a ton by not paying union wages. But then the people working for those lower wages can't afford to buy the very products the company sells, or buy a car or home. This means less money in taxes for the government to run on. That in turn means increased costs for healthcare and more taxes. Big nasty circle.

Ultimately, we're all at fault for jobs going overseas. We aren't willing to pay more for our cars, computers, phones and other electronic gadgets. We demand $15 shirts, and $20 pairs of jeans. We aren't willing to pay more, so the companies have to find a way to make them for less (send it to China/Mexico/etc.).

Of course, we all know that when companies say they have to find a way to save money, lowering the ridiculous pay & golden parachutes of their top executives is never in the discussion.
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