I have programed in basic and made macros in excel but after checking out applescript it seems that my prior knowledge interferes with learning how to use the script. Here is my question is it even possible to do the following in applescript. copy a number from an excel sheet:paste that number in the frame number box in quicktime 7: have Quicktime set the" in" marker at the frame that was inputed. I want to be able to select a number from an excel number grid, and run a script that pastes it into the appropriate place in quicktime and sets an "in" marker and then do the same to set an "out" marker. I've read the applescript dictionary and do not find a reference for either getting the data from excel or pasting it into quicktime. I am using Excel 2011 and Quicktime 7 with OSX 10.6.8 Is it possible to do this?