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Yep. Thank the unions for eliminating sweat shops and child labor. Without the unions, we can go to work for just pennies an hour. crazy

That arguement was good 80 years ago, but unions have outlived their usefulness.

Ford was paying guys 20+ an hour to turn a wrench 8 hours...crazy! They have finally been able to lower entry level pay to $15/hour.

The union hall has this big building with 2 full basketball courts. Paid for by union dues they extort out of the employees. (try working at a place like UPS/Ford and NOT join the union...good luck with that)

I worked for UPS for 2 years. Had to join the union. There was a lazy no good employee that UPS couldn't fire because of union bs

I have been a member of the teamsters, electricians, police, and another one in FL and I can honestly say that unions are past their prime.

Cost of living so high? Thank a union worker for driving up cost of the items you buy.

Is it any wonder that Mexicans can come to our country and do a better job at say roofing than your average American? Because we are lazy and expect things to be handed to us

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