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Why would I need to reset and Windows passwords.. yuk yuk.
I reset Windows passwords by taking said computer and throwing it into the trashcan.
LOL. I know, I suggest that but they don't listen. Unfortunately there are some business apps that only run on Windows, so we will never be totally rid of the scourge.

I run across this now and then. I have had two in the last three weeks where people have changed their password but forgot what they changed it to. It's actually less secure on Windows. On Windows when I change the password it gives full access to the machine. On the Macs, booting off of the installer and running the Password Reset app changes the log in password but not the keychain password, it keeps the old password. If someone forgets the log in password on a Mac and I change it they then have to trash the keychain and start a new one.

I hate working on Windows machines, but it's money in my pocket, what can I say, I'm a turncoat, sosumi. I usually have to come home and brush my teeth, delouse, shower, and change clothes afterwards. grin