I thought you were going to say that...firmware issues. I read the same things yesterday.
It seems that at one time you had to seek out firmware updates sometimes.. it wouldn't auto update along with the softwares auto update. Apparently been fixed.
The several I was reading about were FW issues that would be fixed when switched over to USB. Fixed, on that account anyways.

My photo archives are just scattered on piles of unscanned negatives/positives, CDs, DVDs, and hard disks. I need to store them on a RAID system before they go (or I go) up in smoke

This was my problem too. As a photographer I have Blu Rays with clients archives... 5 or disks with multiple copies of jobs at various states, my wifes personal photos and video which are around 240 GB right now.. and I have recently purchased 2 1080p camcorders... and have a baby girl who turns 3 this month. (you can't shoot enough HD of the kid, trust me)
I gotta get this sh!t under control!!!!